Old Wineskins (Mark Ch.2)

The second in the series of essays I wrote for my Gospel of Mark class from the Summer 2017 quarter. Although this paper is more analytical in nature, I really enjoyed watching the literary mastery of the Gospel of Mark unfold. I'd never read the Gospels with classic storytelling in mind, so it's amazing to... Continue Reading →


Get Out of the Boat! (Mark Ch.1)

The following essay was written for the Gospel of Mark class I took last summer. Although all of the classes I've taken have been life-changing in their own way, this is definitely one of my favorite classes to-date. It taught me how to read the Bible slowly and dig a jewel out of even the... Continue Reading →

In Your Cieled Houses

The following paper was written for my Theology of Revival class. The assignment was to write a "blog post length" paper in response to any chapter from the textbooks. Of course, my paper ended up on the long side of a blog post--but my classmates still told me to publish it! My textbook source was... Continue Reading →

No, I Am Not “Recovering”

The following essay was written for my first assignment for the "Who You Are in Christ" class I'm taking this semester. As you can see, this class didn't exactly get off to a gentle start... This afternoon I had a panic attack. The episode was the mashed-up fruit of several ongoing stresses that had been... Continue Reading →

Redeeming Egypt

  Hello, my name is Rachel Greene, and we may have met before. If you're looking at my blog title--Road to Grinnell--and wondering if you've heard that name before, you're probably correct. ¬†While this blog is new, the branding of "Road to Grinnell" has been around for over 9 years now. Almost a decade ago,... Continue Reading →

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