That’s All There Is (Mark Ch.16)

"...there isn't any more." As the final essay I wrote for my Gospel of Mark class, this paper strays into some speculative territory... Personally, I have my own theories surrounding the creation of John-Mark's Gospel and its sudden ending. True or not, I hope you enjoy it. There is much speculation about whether or not... Continue Reading →

Through a Glass, Darkly (Mark Ch.15)

The tearing of the Temple veil in two is one of my favorite moments in the Gospels... Hopefully this essay shows you why. The 15th Chapter of the Gospel of Mark contains the record of Christ’s trial by Pilate, beatings and humiliation, crucifixion, and ultimate death. These events are well-known—and it could be said that... Continue Reading →

Going Once, Going Twice (Short Story)

This is technically my fourteenth paper for my Gospel of Mark class, but it's definitely not a formal paper. Half of me was tired of writing basic papers, and the other half of me couldn't come up with anything original to say about Mark 14 that hadn't already been said. So I decided to push the envelope... Continue Reading →

Wars and Rumors of Wars (Mark Ch.13)

"...but the time is not yet..." From our comfortable vantage point of the 21st Century, modern-day Christians have the luxury of reading Jesus’ frightening warnings in Mark Chapter 13 and recognizing that He was prophesying about several events at once. As is often the case with prophecy, Jesus’ poetic warnings have both a present-minded, “literal”... Continue Reading →

Give Their Glory Unto Others (Mark Ch.12)

The problem with being a Bible school student is that God (and your professors) won't let you get away with just the surface interpretation of Scripture... You can't just surmise, "Oh, Jesus was definitely talking about the Pharisees here," and walk away. If your paper isn't personal yet, it probably isn't done! As John-Mark’s Gospel... Continue Reading →

For All Nations (Mark Ch.11)

The next in my series of papers for my Gospel of Mark class... This paper deviated from the others in that I spent the entire three pages debating with points raised in our textbook. Thankfully, I was allowed to get away with it. 🙂 Even though this paper is unusual, I still wanted to share... Continue Reading →

The Eye of a Needle (Mark Ch.10)

The tenth in my series of papers for my Gospel of Mark class... This is another example of the strong literary qualities of John-Mark's Gospel. But even as I find that fascinating, I find it reinforcing the point, and I have to ask myself the same question he posed several times... What do I want from... Continue Reading →

Savory as Salt (Mark Ch.9)

The next in my series of papers from my Gospel of Mark class, this is not my most interesting paper... But what more can you say about a chapter in which the disciples repeatedly make the same mistakes you do every day? 🙂   Overshadowed by the glory of the revelation in the previous chapter,... Continue Reading →

The Bend in the Middle (Mark Ch.8)

As a professional writer, I always find it fascinating to study how the Bible is not only an inspired book but also a wonderfully well-written book. What's even more fascinating is that an understanding of literary structure often helps reveal the inspired author's true focus. The 8th chapter of Mark is no exception. By looking for the climax... Continue Reading →

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