The Woman Who Stole From God (Mark Ch.7)

This was another paper I wrote for my Gospel of Mark class... But truthfully, it's the "cliffnotes" version of a revelation that impacted me in one of my very first classes, Biblical Customs and Cultures. Understanding the depth and nuance in Jesus' interaction with the Syrophonecian woman changed my life and the way I looked... Continue Reading →


Feed My Sheep (Mark Ch.6)

The sixth in a series of papers I wrote on the Gospel of Mark. This was one of those moments that changed my understanding of the Bible forever. It's a simple revelation, "Oh,┬áthat's what Jesus meant," but when you really settle down and realize the implications, you realize that it completely changes the lesson John-Mark... Continue Reading →

Who Touched Me (Mark Ch.5)

The fifth in a series of papers I wrote on the Gospel of Mark. I must admit, this material is not wholly original--one of my very first seminary classes expounded on this same passage, and the professor actually had us demonstrate it. It was an incredibly powerful experience, and I hope I've translated a bit... Continue Reading →

Only in Parables (Mark Ch.4)

The fourth essay in a series of papers I wrote for my Gospel of Mark class. It was phenomenal to me how much this Gospel opened up once I realized how the "Kingdom of God" is the literary and theological theme that binds the story together. Now that the arrival of the Kingdom has been... Continue Reading →

Simon, Called Peter (Mark Ch.3)

The third in a series of papers I did for my Gospel of Mark class. Peter has always been my favorite Bible character, and I've always enjoyed this story--but it wasn't until I really dug into the subtext during this class that I felt I began to really understand the depth of what this story... Continue Reading →

Let’s Get Drunk Together!

Perhaps our churches would be more fruitful places if more Christians knew how to get drunk. Despite what prohibitionists would tell you, getting drunk effectively takes practice. Drinking is somewhat of a learned skill, and many would consider it an art form. A virgin taking their first shot is going to have neither the tolerance... Continue Reading →

Old Wineskins (Mark Ch.2)

The second in the series of essays I wrote for my Gospel of Mark class from the Summer 2017 quarter. Although this paper is more analytical in nature, I really enjoyed watching the literary mastery of the Gospel of Mark unfold. I'd never read the Gospels with classic storytelling in mind, so it's amazing to... Continue Reading →

Get Out of the Boat! (Mark Ch.1)

The following essay was written for the Gospel of Mark class I took last summer. Although all of the classes I've taken have been life-changing in their own way, this is definitely one of my favorite classes to-date. It taught me how to read the Bible slowly and dig a jewel out of even the... Continue Reading →

In Your Cieled Houses

The following paper was written for my Theology of Revival class. The assignment was to write a "blog post length" paper in response to any chapter from the textbooks. Of course, my paper ended up on the long side of a blog post--but my classmates still told me to publish it! My textbook source was... Continue Reading →

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