Brokenness is not stress. Brokenness is not poverty and struggling to pay bills. Brokenness is not disease, illness, or death. Brokenness is not anxiety or depression. Brokenness is not reaping the fruits of past sins. Brokenness is not remorse. Brokenness is not shame. Brokenness is not guilt. Brokenness is not repaying debts or attempting to... Continue Reading →

Savory as Salt (Mark Ch.9)

The next in my series of papers from my Gospel of Mark class, this is not my most interesting paper... But what more can you say about a chapter in which the disciples repeatedly make the same mistakes you do every day? 🙂   Overshadowed by the glory of the revelation in the previous chapter,... Continue Reading →

Simon, Called Peter (Mark Ch.3)

The third in a series of papers I did for my Gospel of Mark class. Peter has always been my favorite Bible character, and I've always enjoyed this story--but it wasn't until I really dug into the subtext during this class that I felt I began to really understand the depth of what this story... Continue Reading →

No, I Am Not “Recovering”

The following essay was written for my first assignment for the "Who You Are in Christ" class I'm taking this semester. As you can see, this class didn't exactly get off to a gentle start... This afternoon I had a panic attack. The episode was the mashed-up fruit of several ongoing stresses that had been... Continue Reading →

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